Beetroot Organic 'Noire D'Egypte' (Beta Vulgaris) Organic Microgreens Heirloom, 30g (1.05oz) Sprouting Seeds

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Beetroot Organic 'Noire D'Egypte' (Beta Vulgaris) Organic Microgreens Heirloom, 30g (1.05oz) Sprouting Seeds

Organic, medium early heirloom harvest in 85-95 days. Forms medium size, evenly round, deep bordo color fruits that posses crisp, sweet flavour. Best fresh and cooked. Suitable for longer storage. Contains high nutritional value. Grown for summer and autumn harvest.

Growing: For microgreens:

1. Soak seeds overnight to speed up the germination process.

2. Select appropriate container. A clean deli container with holes punched at the bottom is ideal for growing microgreens.

3. Pour fine-textured potting mix into the container.

4. Scatter seeds thickly over the moist soil.

5. Cover the container with a dark lid that has plenty of small holes to allow good air circulation. Check on the germinating seeds daily, and moisten the soil when necessary.

6. After 3-4 days, remove the dark lid and pick a bright location for the container. A south facing windosill where microgreens can get plenty of natural sunlight is ideal.

7. Give an emerging microgreens enough-but not too much-water. The soil should always be moist, but never flooded with water.

8. Once microgreens are a few inches tall and have developed small leaves, they are ready for harvest. To harvest the crop, use sharp kitchen scissors or a clean knife to cut microgreens close to the soil. Rinse and use seedling immediately, or store them in a resealable bag in the refrigerator.


For growing to full size:

Planting season: not suitable for tropical climate. Spring, direct seeding, starting once the soil can be worked, 2 weeks after the danger of last frost is gone;

Soil temp for germination: 75-85F (23-29C);

Light: Full sun/partial shade;

Soil: loose fertile, slightly alkaline, well drained soil with a pH 5.5-6.

Sowing depth: 1/2in (1.2cm);

Seed spacing: 1in (2.54cm);

Row spacing: 12in (30cm); Space after thinning: 4in (10cm);

Moisture: Water regularly to keep the soil moist and prevent from drying out;

Fertilizing: Recommended.


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