Morning Glory

Planting season: year round in tropical climates; in temperate climates sow directly in the garden after the threat of frost has passed and the soil has warmed up. Indoors, the seeds should be started about four to six weeks before the last frost in your area.
Germination tip: Since morning glories have relatively hard seed coats, you should soak the seeds in water overnight or nick them before sowing.
Soil: light, fertile, well draining soil.
Sowing depth: 1cm deep.
Sowing depth: 15-30cm apart.
Light: full sun (6-8h a day for the best performance). If afternoon sun is burning hot, provide some shade.
Moisture: regular to keep the soil moist but not wet. Best to water when soil starts to feel dry to the touch.
Fertilizing: optional. Blooms longer and heavier regularly fertilizing. We highly recommend using TSM Organic Growth Activator to speed up the germination of the seeds, support healthy growth and promote abundant flowering.
Pests & diseases: cotton aphid, the leaf miner, and the leaf cutter and fungal diseases. We highly recommend using TSM Organic Neem Oil for a natural overall protection & treatments against pests and diseases.
Companion plants: don’t partner well with other annual or perennials flowers since their growth can overwhelm those plants. However, they can grow well with evergreen shrubs.

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