Organic Growth Activator (500ml) Non-GMO, Natural Plant Fertilizer. Ready To Use

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Organic Growth Activator (500ml) Non-GMO, Natural Plant Fertilizer. Ready To Use

Extremely powerful Growth Activator that is completely natural and organic plant fertilizer to support your plant's growth from seeds germination to harvest. Natural, biologically active peat extract and biologically extracted minerals promote healthy growth of the plants right from the beginning. Humic materials are highly biological active, so a small amount of this nutrient solution will provide superior results. *Currently shipped within Singapore only*. It works well to: 

✅ Promotes seeds germination; 

✅ Stimulates strong roots establishment;

✅ Increases plant disease resistance;

✅ Encourages rapid growth;

✅ Promotes abundant flowering & fruit formation;

✅ Increases yields;

✅ Improves unfavourable soil conditions;

✅ Increases nutrients absorption;

Specifically formulated to promote the establishment and enhance the viability of annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, house plants (creates a bacterial dominant soil).  Use as a root drench when planting or transplanting and to maintain plants throughout season. Root  Drench: Just prior to planting. Use it as a root spray when planting annuals, perennials and bulbs.

APPLY TO SOIL AND FOLIAGE OF PLANT (We recommend spraying consistently for best results). TSM Growth Activator contains beneficial soil bacteria and actinomyces for robust root and soil health.It contains all the necessary bio-extracts and creates a bio-diverse bacterial dominant soil, which encourages plants to flourish to their full genetic potential, as well as natural plant growth components such as amino acids, vitamins, biotin, folic acid and sugars.

The TSM Guarantee: It's our promise to ensure that all our products are strictly Non-GMO, and free from any possible harmful chemical compounds. All come from trusted and carefully selected small non commercial farmers worldwide providing fresh, safe supply.

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