Strawberry Spinach

Planting season: year round in tropical climate (if planting outdoors, choose dry season); in temperate climates plants in spring, direct seeding, after the last frost (end of Apr-May).
Soil: light, fertile, rich in organic matter soil.
Sowing depth: Sprinkle the seeds on the surface of the soil and barely cover, as they need light to germinate.
Spacing: 20cm apart if grown directly inside the ground in the garden. Grown in pots, sprinkle some to avoid overcrowding or thin after the seedlings emerge.
Light: full sun/partial shade. Does best receiving 6-8h of sunlight a day. If afternoon sun is burning hot, provide some shade.
Watering: regular to keep the soil moist but not wet. Best to water when soil starts to feel dry to the touch.
Fertilizing: We highly recommend using TSM Organic Growth Activator to speed up the germination of the seeds, support healthy growth and promote increased yields.
Seeds germinate in 3-7 days.
Pests & diseases: fungal diseases, damping-off, downy mildew. Aphids and mites. We highly recommend using TSM Organic Neem Oil for a natural overall protection & treatments against pests and diseases.
Companion plants: lettuce, leeks, peas, radish, strawberries.

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