Bitter Gourd

Planting Season: year round in tropical climates; in temperate climates sow the seeds indoors 6-8 weeks prior the last frost date and transplant the seedlings outdoors after the danger of all frost is gone or seed directly outdoors after the soil has warmed up.
Germination: pre-sprout seeds indoors by soaking in water for 24 hours or wrap in a well moist paper towel and keep in a dark location for a few days until the seeds sprout. Once seeds germinate, they can be sown to their permanent growing place.
Soil: fertile, well-drained soil, compost-rich soil with a pH ranging from 5.5 to 6.7.
Depth: 1.2cm deep and 30cm apart. Sow two seeds in each hole. Seeds germinate in 8 to 10 days, though low and high temperatures and soil too dry or too wet can slow germination. Vigorous plants trained on a trellis or fence can be spaced 2.7-3 meters apart. Trellising can reduce diseases and make harvesting easier. When the vine grows to the top of its trellis, prune or pinch away all lateral branches from the soil up to the 10th node. This will stimulate the upper branches to grow and produce a higher yield.
Light: Choose a warm, sunny location—at least 6 hours each day–to plant.
Moisture: Keep soil moist, but not wet. Keep bitter melon planting beds evenly moist; regular water is essential for fruit development and growth.
Fertilizing: regular. We highly recommend using TSM Organic Growth Activator to speed up the germination of the seeds, support healthy growth and promote increased yields.
Train to climb a vertical support for better air circulation and ease of harvest.
Pests & diseases: downy and powdery mildews, fruit flies, aphids. We highly recommend using TSM Organic Neem Oil as a completely natural protection and treatment against various pests and diseases.
Companion plants: beans, corn, pumpkins, squashes. Do not plant with herbs and potatoes.

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