Beetroot 'Bull`s Blood' Microgreens 15g of Seeds (Beta vulgaris) Heirloom

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Beetroot 'Bull`s Blood' Microgreens 15g of Seeds (Beta vulgaris) Heirloom

Organic, fast and easy growing, attractive microgreen variety that adds beautiful touch to a variety of dishes, bringing in some bright color! Bright stems topped with two elongated ovate leaves. Their upper surface is dusty green tinged in red while the underside is a light burgundy with deep magenta veining. Posses tender texture with sweet, distinct beet-like flavor. Nutrient rich, perfect addition to microgreen collection! Easy to grow for kids. 5-10 days for sprouts and 11-21 days for microgreens.


1. Soak seeds overnight to speed up the germination process.

2. Select appropriate container. A clean deli container with holes punched at the bottom is ideal for growing microgreens.

3. Pour fine-textured potting mix into the container.

4. Scatter seeds thickly over the moist soil.

5. Cover the container with a dark lid that has plenty of small holes to allow good air circulation. Check on the germinating seeds daily, and moisten the soil when necessary.

6. After 3-4 days, remove the dark lid and pick a bright location for the container. A south facing windosill where microgreens can get plenty of natural sunlight is ideal.

7. Give an emerging microgreens enough-but not too much-water. The soil should always be moist, but never flooded with water.

8. Once microgreens are a few inches tall and have developed small leaves, they are ready for harvest. To harvest the crop, use sharp kitchen scissors or a clean knife to cut microgreens close to the soil. Rinse and use seedling immediately, or store them in a resealable bag in the refrigerator.


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