Beetroot Mix 300-390 Seeds (Beta vulgaris L.) Vegetable Heirloom

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Beetroot Mix  300-390 Seeds (Beta vulgaris L.) Vegetable Heirloom

Colorful fertile varieties coming in purple, white and yellow colors. Sweet and juicy, rich flavoured, all three are especially suitable for juicing, fresh eating, roasting.  Posses superb nutritional value. Harvest in 108-112 days after seeds germination. Great for microgreens.

Growing: year round grown as microgreens or as winter crop in tropical climate; early spring in temperate climates.

Planting season: Spring, direct seeding, starting once the soil can be worked, 2 weeks after the danger of last frost is gone;

Soil temp for germination: 75-85F (23-29C);

Light: Full sun/partial shade;

Soil: loose fertile, slightly alkaline, well drained soil with a pH 5.5-6.

Sowing depth: 1/2in (1.2cm);

Seed spacing: 1in (2.54cm);

Row spacing: 12in (30cm);

Space after thinning: 4in (10cm);

Moisture: Water regularly to keep the soil moist and prevent from drying out;

Fertilizing: Beets are light feeders; if you mix plenty of compost into the soil at planting time, a light dose of complete fertilizer after tops are up is sufficient.

Beet seeds germinate slowly; soaking them in water overnight before planting will speed the process.

All our seeds are strictly Non-GMO, Untreated, Free of any possible harmful chemical compounds. All come from trusted and carefully selected small, non-commercial farmers worldwide that provide fresh, safe supply.*


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