Easy To Grow Vegetables For The Beginners

Easy To Grow Vegetables For The Beginners

Posted by Eli on 28th Aug 2019

If you are new to planting and just starting off, one of the first question that pops into your head is what to plant. Something that wouldn't require a pro skill, wouldn't be too hard and would not take too long to harvest. So, what are those varieties that could be easily started and easily maintained?

Leafy Greens

One of a very good choice for the beginner gardeners would be leafy greens: lettuce (can be grown to baby leaf stage, taking as short as two-three weeks, or full size requiring about 8-10 weeks). Varieties like 'Grandpa's Admires''Intred' or 'Red Arrow' would be some to choose from; braising mixes; mustard greenskale (just as lettuce, could be grown to baby stage, being ready to harvest in 2-3 weeks, or full maturity requiring about 12 weeks); arugula.

They are easy and fast growing, requiring well drained, fertile, soil, plenty of sunlight and good nutrition for the best results. 


Another fantastic addition to the garden (even if it's only a windowsill) are tomatoes. Dwarf or tall, cherry or big size, traditional old fashioned or new breeds.. It's easiest to start with varieties that do not grow very tall, so dwarf or determinate would be a good choice. Varieties like 'Vilma''Venus''Taxi' 'Betalux' and others would give good yields of delicious, juicy and sweet fruits. Growing as short, compact bushes they do not take much space (looks really good grown in containers loaded with bright color fruits!) and are easy to manage. As long as you can provide enough light, consistent moisture and support their growth with enough nutrients, you will be able to enjoy a good harvest in less than three months.


Cucumbers are easy to grow and do extremely well in tropical climates. Requiring good climbing support, they will need more space, but once given enough room, consistent moisture, about 6h of sunlight and regular feeding with nutrients, they will very quickly thank with abundant harvests of juicy, refreshing, sweet fruits. Whether you want to go for traditional, old fashioned varieties like 'Rodnichok Natur' or be more exotic and choose eye catching varieties like 'White Wonder''Little Potato' or 'Lemon', they all will be a good start for the beginner growers!


Sweet and Hot Peppers are always welcome to the garden, adding a great touch to a wide variety of dishes. Easily started from seeds, they start giving good yields of fruits in as short as 65-80 days. Heat lovers, they enjoy places with plenty of sunlight, consistent moisture and some support, especially if you choose sweet pepper varieties with larger fruits. Hot peppers might require a longer time to germinate, but once they do, young seedlings shoot up high and strong very quickly! Small and round varieties like 'Red Cherry Hots''Joe's Round' or really hot ones as 'Habanero Peach' or 'Fatalii' would add a great spicy spark to the dishes, while sweet and juicy bell peppers like 'California Wonder' will make great salads. Colorful species like 'Rainbow Mix''Cayenne Blend' will not only color the plate with their rainbow colors, but also be an eye-catcher while loading whole bush with beautiful, vivid color fruits.

Eggplants, Zucchinis & Pumpkins

Eggplants, zucchinis & Pumpkins are super easy growing vegetables. Also heat loving with plenty of sunlight, good levels of moisture and regular feeding of extra nutrients for the best results. Eggplant and zucchini 'Black beauty' has been all time favourite among our customers providing generous size, shiny, smooth fruits with rich, buttery flavour. Pumpkins like 'Blue Ball'; 'Sweet Mama' or 'Naples Long' will make wonderful sweet creamy pumpkin soups, as well as other dishes.

These would be some varieties that could be a great start in a vegetable garden. Our next article will discuss herb varieties that would be great for beginner gardeners. Meanwhile, if you have any questions regarding starting your own garden, feel free to contact us at or directly through our FB page!

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