Pot Marigold 240-300 Seeds (Calendula officinalis L.) Flower Heirloom

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Pot Marigold 240-300 Seeds (Calendula officinalis L.) Flower Heirloom

Annual, herbaceous, medicinal plant with beautiful, bright flowers. Fresh orange and yellow colour flowers brightens the room and the environment arount, while dried blossoms are used as herbal tea, well known for its calming, digestive, anti-inflammatory properties. Preffers full sun, warm, bright location and fertile, well drained soil. Cold resistant. Grows 40-60cm (15.7-23.6in) tall. Blossoms are plucked every 2-3 days at the beginning of floweringperiod and later every 4-5 days. Suitable for growing outside and inside as ornamental container plant.USDA hardines zone 9b, 10 and 11.

Growing: Calendula flowers can be grown indoors or outdoors. The best part of the year to grow calendula outdoors in the tropics is Feb to Oct to avoid rainy season. Keep in a dark location (away from the sunlight) until germination occurs, usually 14-20 days, and then supply bright light to keep seedlings compact.

Sowing depth: 5mm deep

Soil: fertile, loose, well-drained soil. Thrives in soils with pH of 5.5-7

Spacing: 15-45cm apart.

Moisture: Water regularly (when soil is dry to the touch) to keep the soil moist, yet not wet, as it will cost the rot of the roots.

Light: partial shade, avoiding strong afternoon sun.

Fertilizing: occasional feeding is rewarded.

Pinch back young plants to encourage bushy growth.

Takes about 60 days from seeds to flower.


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