Sage 130 Seeds (Salvia officinalis L.) Herb Heirloom

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Sage 130 Seeds (Salvia officinalis L.) Herb Heirloom

Biennial, herbal, decorative plants reaching 40-120cm (15-47in) tall, adding a beautiful touch to each garden and yard. Besides its attractive look and beautiful fragrance, it makes a great add to salads, desserts, teas, while the concoctions are used in treating skin diseases. Due to its high fragrance, used in cosmetics, perfumes and soaps as an aromatic additive. Forming a basal rossete of strongly scented, wrinkled, gray-green leaves. In late spring, the very showy inflorescence of tubular two-lipped, creamy pink flowers opens well above the foliage. It makes a perfect addition to perennial borders, herb, cottage, coastal, city gardens ad containers. Easy to grow, seeds germinate slow and long. Starts blooming the second year, blooming in Jul.

Growing: Challenging in tropical climate. Intolerant of high heat and humidity. Seeds to be started during dry period, indoors with controlled temp and humidity.

Planting season: Apr or May indoors, transplanting when the danger of last frost is gone.

Soil: average, sandy or gravelly soils with good drainage.

Sowing depth: 1cm (0.4in) deep.

Spacing: 40cm (15in) apart.

Light: full sun.

Watering: drought tolerant, though prefers regular watering.

Fertilizing: not needed.


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