Garlic Chives 95-125 Seeds (Allium tuberosum L.) Herb Heirloom

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Garlic Chives 95-125 Seeds (Allium tuberosum L.) Herb Heirloom

Popular perennial ornamental and culinary herb with 20-30cm (7.87-11.8in) long, bright green leaves, which re-grow very fast after cutting. Sets clusters of pretty,star-shaped, white flowers, making it a lovely flower in a border or container plant, as well working well in herb garden.The flowers can be eaten or dried and made into floral arrangements. Mild flavoured, juicy, this herb adds a unique touch to salads, garnishes,herbal vinegars, soups, soft cheeses, compound butters and grilled meant. Suitable for growing outdoors and potted indoors, in balconies and on windowsills. Grows in the same place for 5-6 years. Cold and disease resistant.

Growing: Spring (Apr to May), direct seeding, after the last frost.

Soil: fertile, well drained, rich in organic matter.

Sowing depth: 2cm (0.7in) deep.

Spacing: 8-12in (20-30cm) apart.

Light: full sun.

Watering: regular to keep the soil moist.

Fertilizing: optional.


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