Chamomile 'Zloty Lan' 14,000-16,000 Seeds (Matricaria chamomilla) Herb Heirloom

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Chamomile 'Zloty Lan' 14,000-16,000 Seeds (Matricaria chamomilla) Herb Heirloom

Annual tetraploid variety home garden and commercial production. Sets large, pretty flowers with strong erect growth habitat. Grows 30-40cm (11-15in) tall. This herbal, highly ornamental plant is widely known for its calming, soothing properties, making it a 'must have' In own home garden. Makes relaxing tea, can be used for medicinal treatments. Has a high essential oil content, as much as 1% or more, and the oil is rich in chamazulene, a powerful inflammatory agent. Chamazulene gives the essential oil characteristic blue colour, so it's often reffered as 'blue' chamomile. Dry yields are as high as 1200kg/ha (1000lbs/acre). Blooms in Jun and Jul.

Growing: Not suitable for tropical climate.

Planting season: early spring or fall, direct seeding. If sown in spring, plant after the danger of last frost is gone. Seeds sown in fall will germinate next spring.

Soil: light, fertile, well drained soil, preferably rich in organic matter. pH range 5.6-7.5.

Sowing depth: 1cm (0.4in) deep. Barely cover, as seeds need light to germinate.

Spacing: 6in (15cm) apart.

Light: full sun.

Watering: regular to keep the soil moist.

Fertilizing: optional.

Seeds germinate within 7-14 days.


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