Mexican Tarragon, 30 seeds (Tagetes lucida) Herb Heirloom

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Mexican Tarragon, 30 seeds (Tagetes lucida) Herb Heirloom

Beautiful and easy growing plant that is also called mint marigold or Mexican marigold. Its bright green narrow leaves and clusters of pretty, golden color blooms look amazing grown in groups or together with other flowers. Highly fragrant with anise flavour and notes of mint and cinnamon, followed by a pleasant sweet finishing adds a wonderful touch to a wide variety of dishes, including salads, desserts, drinks. The leaves taste much like French tarragon, though they have less spice and more sweetness, with a hint of licorice. In traditional medicine it’s used as an infusion for the discomfort of the digestive tract including abdominal pain, vomiting etc. It is also known for its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.The flowers can be used as a natural dye. Easy and fast growing, it ads an amazing touch to flower pots, gardens, balconies. Requires minimum care. Works great as insect repellent.

Growing: year round in tropical climate; in temperate climates start indoors about 6 weeks prior the last frost; or directly outdoors after the danger of all frosts has passed. Press them into the soil so that they’re just under the surface (seeds need light to germinate). Water the soil well and keep it moist as the seeds germinate, which takes about two weeks. Once the seedlings have emerged and the first set of true leaves have formed, reduce watering so that the top inch of soil dries out in between watering. Keep the trays in a spot with full sunlight or put them under artificial lights for at least six hours per day. Transplant when the herbs are about six inches (15cm) tall.

Soil: well-drained, fertile soil with a pH between 6.5 and 7.0.
Sowing depth: gently press in and do not cover with extra layer of soil. Seeds need light to germinate!
Spacing: if grown directly in the ground of a garden, space them 12in (30cm) apart.
Light: full sun. It will not grow in shade! If afternoon sun is burning hot, provide some shade, but not fully shaded.
Moisture: regular to keep the soil moist, but not wet and soggy.
Fertilizing: not demanding, 
but it benefits from regular feedings to encourage lush foliage growth. Feed with an all-purpose fertilizer every other month during the growing season.

The TSM Guarantee: It's our promise to ensure that all our products are strictly Non-GMO, and free from any possible harmful chemical compounds. All come from trusted and carefully selected small non commercial farmers worldwide providing fresh, safe supply.



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