Broccoli 'Summer Purple' 50 Seeds (Brassica oleracea) Vegetable Heirloom

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Broccoli 'Summer Purple' 50 Seeds (Brassica oleracea) Vegetable Heirloom

Early, fertile, high yielding and heat resistant variety grown for summer and autumn harvest. Beautiful plants reach up to 90cm tall and form compact, small, lovely purple color racemes. Posses velvety smooth, delicate flavour. Wonderful steamed, fried, baked added to smoothies or juices. Contains a super bomb of nutrients inside and adds a lovely bright color to the plate or glass! Seeds can be sown every few weeks for harvesting several times in a season. Harvest in 60-90 days. This variety do not form full heads and is eaten with stems.

Growing: For growing in tropical climate requires special conditions with controlled temp of +24-28C. In temperate climate the seeds can be started indoors in Mar-Jun and transplant outdoors after the danger of last frost is gone, or seeded directly outdoors.

Soil: light, fertile, rich in organic matter.

Sowing depth: 1-1.5cm deep.

Spacing: 60X30-40cm.

Light: full sun.

Watering: regular to keep the soil moist.

Fertilizing: optional.


All our seeds are strictly Non-GMO, Untreated, Free of any possible harmful chemical compounds. All come from trusted and carefully selected small, non-commercial farmers worldwide that provide fresh, safe supply.*


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