Zinnia 'Thumbelina' 90-110 Seeds (Zinnia elegans) Flower Heirloom

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Zinnia 'Thumbelina' 90-110 Seeds (Zinnia elegans) Flower Heirloom

Annual, 90cm (35.4in) tall, fast growing flowers. Blossoms are large, 9-10cm (3.5-3.9in) wide, bright, multiple coloured (white, pink, red, purple, yellow), rich coloured. Create colourful enviroment grown in flower gardens, looks beautiful in flower bouquets. Grows best in sunny, warm location and fertile soil. Does not require watering, unless drought period continued very long. Seeds are usually sown in small containers and transplanted to the ground outside after the danger of last frost is gone.

Growing: year round in tropical climate; in temperate climates start the seeds indoors in Apr and transplant outdoors when danger of last frost is gone, or seed directly outdoors at the end of May.

 Soil: fertile.

Sowing depth: 1cm deep;

Spacing: 20X20cm apart;

Light: full sun.

Watering: average.

Fertilizing: optional.


All our seeds are strictly Non-GMO, Untreated, Free of any possible harmful chemical compounds. All come from trusted and carefully selected small, non-commercial farmers worldwide that provide fresh, safe supply.*


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