Tomato 'Zyska' (Lycopersicon Esculentum) Determinate Vegetable Heirloom, 20-30 Seeds

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Tomato 'Zyska' (Lycopersicon Esculentum) Determinate Vegetable Heirloom, 20-30 Seeds

Determinate dwarf variety forming elongated, meaty, bright red color fruits with great, rich, juicy flavour. Firm and fleshy berries are resistant to damage and breaking. Thanks to the high content of sweet, aromatic and delicious flesh, "Zyska" tomatoes are rich in dry matter, what makes them perfect material for preserves. You will prepare delicious concentrates, pulps and juices out of them. You may also freeze cubed tomatoes of this variety. Ready for harvest in 75 days after seeds germination.  

Growing: Store containers in room of 70-80F (21-27C) until germination occurs. Tomato seeds do not need light to germinate! For growing outdoors, transfer outdoors when seedlings reach 6in (15.2cm) tall and develop their first true leaves, after the danger of last frost is gone.

Soil: light, fertile, well-draining soil, preferably rich in organic matter with a pH between 6-7.

Sowing depth: 1/4in (0.6cm) deep.

Light: bright location with plenty of sunlight or under grow lights.

Moisture: Water regularly to make sure the soil is moist, yet not soggy, as excess water causes the rot of the seeds/roots. Best to water, when soil is dry to the touch.

Fertilizing: Regular fertilizing is highly recommended to support healthy and robust growth.


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