Sweet Marjoram 4000-4500 Seeds (Majorana hortenis Moench.) Herb Heirloom

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Sweet Marjoram 4000-4500 Seeds (Majorana hortenis Moench.) Herb Heirloom

Annual, herbaceous, ornamental culinary herb, growing 30-80cm 11.8-31.6in) tall. Its fragrant foliage is used to flavour dressings and meat dishes. The tops of the plants are usually cut as they start to flower and are best dried slowly in full shade. Leaves, fresh and dried, contain sweet pine and citrus flavour, going well with wide variety of dishes, including meat, vegetable, curd etc. Marjoram is frequently used in herb blend, such as Herbes De Provence, for its highly aromatic and flavour, well blending with other herbs. Looks very lovely grown in herb gardens, as well as potted indoors or hydroponically. Marjoram attracts bees, butterflies and birds with its highly aromatic foliage. Dried leaves keeps away moth.

Growing: Planting season: early spring, indoors, 6 weeks prior last frost; direct sow in fall; winter sow in coldframe or unheated greenhouse.

Soil: rich, loamy, well drained soil with a pH 6.5-7.5.

Sowing depth: 0.4in (1cm) deep.

Spacing: 15-18in (38-45cm) apart.

Light: full sun/partial shade.

Watering: regularly, but be careful not to overwater.

Fertilizing: optional.

Seeds germinate in about 15-20 days.

USDA Hardiness zone 6b to 11.


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