Japanese Braising Mix Heirloom, 2400 Seeds

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Japanese Braising Mix Heirloom, 2400 Seeds

Super fast and easy growing Japanese greens mix consisting of 15 different leafy vegetable and herb varieties. Provides beautiful, slightly peppery flavor with a hint! Perfect for salads, garnishes, fish and meat dishes. Leaves can also be dried and used as dry spice. Perfect to be grown in small spaces, containers, pots, balconies or directly in the ground. Matures as fast as in 3 weeks. For continuous harvest can be sown every few weeks. Requires basic care, so it's a great choice for beginner gardeners, as well as great project for kids.

Planting: year round in tropical climate; In temperate climates - early spring, starting indoors; outdoors, when the danger of last frost is gone.

light, loose, fertile soil with a pH of 6.3-6.8, preferably rich in organic matter. Scatter the seeds on the surface of the soil and lightly cover with extra soil.

Sowing depth:
sprinkle the seeds on the top of the soil and lightly press in. Do not burry deeply.

Light: Full sun/partial shade;

Watering: regular to keep the soil moist (not wet);

Fertilizing: organic fertilizer is highly recommended for even and healthy growth of the plants. We highly recommend using TSM Organic Growth Activator to speed up the germination of the seeds, support healthy growth and promote increased yields.

All our seeds are strictly Non-GMO, Untreated, Free of any possible harmful chemical compounds. All come from trusted and carefully selected small, non-commercial farmers worldwide that provide fresh, safe supply.*


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