Corn Colorful Organic (Zea mays) 245 - 320 Vegetable Heirloom Seeds

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Corn Colorful Organic (Zea mays) 245 - 320 Vegetable Heirloom Seeds

Variety of rare, colourful, amazing looking corns to be grown for eating, as well as decorations. Thriving in tropical climate, these beauties will be a talk of the neighborhood. Compact plants grow over 1m tall set multiple 5-20cm long ears varying in colours and shapes. Ready for harvest in 100-120 days. Perfect for containers or directly in the garden. Will make delicious popcorn, tortillas, cornflour, as well as astonishing decorations.

1. Strawberry De-Lite (40-50 seeds/pkt) - beautiful miniature strawberry popcorn has longer ears than the standard, and a striking variety of colors including deep red, light pink, tan, and cream-coloured kernels. These 10cm long, multi-coloured ears will delight kids and adults.

2. Mini Blue Popcorn (40-50 seeds/pkt) - Dwarf variety of corn with stunning blue colour ears. Rare variety that catches the eye from the first sight. The cute, shiny blue ears are decorative, delicious, and coloured in uniform indigo or a colonial blue unlike many other varieties.

3. Red Strawberry (60-80 seeds/pkt) - delicious, decorative, ruby-red popcorn. Each plant bears 2-4 small, strawberry-like, gorgeous, jewel-like, ruby red colour ears. 

4. Early Pink (45-60 seeds/pkt) - A great choice for short season gourmet home-grown organic popcorn enthusiasts, this early variety yields beautiful pink kernels on 12-15cm ears. When popped, the colorful kernels explode into a white, fluffy popcorn treat.

 Year round in tropical climates avoiding rainy season (unless planted in pots in the sheltered area). In temperate climate, plant in spring one-two weeks after last frost date, when the soil is approximately 70°F (21°C).
Soil: Well-drained soil rich in organic matter. Amend the bed with compost and a balanced, slow-release fertilizer at planting time. Loosen the soil to a depth of 25cm.
Sowing Depth: Plant them 2.5-3.8cm deep in pairs, with the pairs spaced 30cm apart within the rows (if planted in the garden directly into the ground). Separate the rows by 61-87cm. Water well after planting.
Light: Choose a planting bed that gets full sun exposure, at least 6 hours per day.
Watering: Regular to make sure the soil is well moist, but not soggy wet. Corn is especially sensitive to moisture needs from the time the silks appear until the kernels fill out. Discontinue irrigation once the kernels start to harden. 
Seedlings will emerge five to ten days after planting. When the seedlings are 10cm tall, thin them to one seed per 30cm (if grown in the ground), if grown in pots/containers, keep one plant per pot.
Fertilising: fertilize once seedlings are one month old (we highly recommend using TSM Organic Growth Activator, which supports healthy & robust growth, as well as promotes abundant yields of the plants).
Pests: Although corn is a relatively easy-going crop, corn earworm can be very destructive. The pest is actually the larval stage of a tan-colored moth. Look for a 1 to 2 inch, light yellow, green, pink, or brown caterpillar with white and dark linear strips along the sides. It feeds on corn silk and bores into the ears, consuming cob and kernels. The same pest feeds on tomatoes, beans, and other garden crops. We recommend using TSM Organic Neem Oil, which naturally protects plants from unwanted pests and various diseases.
Harvest:  100-110 days. Allow the ears to dry on the cornstalks. Check them by peeling back the husk and inspecting a few kernels. When the kernels are hard and you can’t make a mark on them with your fingernail, they’re ready.

The TSM Guarantee: It's our promise to ensure that all our products are strictly Non-GMO, and free from any possible harmful chemical compounds. All come from trusted and carefully selected small non commercial farmers worldwide providing fresh, safe supply.





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