Carlina Stemless (Carlina Acaulis) Flower Heirloom, 20-25 Seeds

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Carlina Stemless (Carlina Acaulis) Flower Heirloom, 20-25 Seeds

Perennial, 40cm (15.7in) tall, eye-catching flowers. Outstanding with its amazing, large, silvery blossoms which look especially beautiful during their bloom period from Jun to Sep. Suitable for growing in flower gardens, rockeries, flower pots, alone or in groups. Very nice to be used in dried bouquets. Adds a very bright, lively touch to the environment around.Matures in about 40 days. If cold is a concern, it's recommended to cover them during the winter period.

Growing: challenging in tropical climate; in temperate climates sow the seeds at the end of May/beg of Jun directly into the ground.

Soil: fertile, well drained soil, preferably rich in organic matter.

Spacing: 30-40cm (11.8-15.7in) apart.

Watering: regular, when needed to keep the soil moist. 

Light: bright, sunny places with plenty of sunshine.

Fertilizing: optional.

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