Growing Lavender in Tropics

Growing Lavender in Tropics

Posted by Eli C. on 18th Nov 2020

Lavender is one of the most popular plant to be grown at home and in the garden for its lovely appearance, fragrant leaves and wide usage. Growing them will require some patience, as it can take up to one or even three months to germinate (though usually it sprouts within 2-3 weeks), but it's worth the wait!

Growing them in tropical climate it's important to pick the right time to plant the seeds.The best time to start is winter, as the sun is more intense in summer and afterwards it rains, which increases the humidity level and makes it intolerable for the plant to thrive. That is why winter is the best month to plant lavender in tropics. 

Use shallow seed trays and just barely cover the seeds with soil. Use a light soil or a vermiculite blend. Keep the seeds moist but not overly wet. A sunny spot is a great location to keep the soil from getting too wet and to add warmth. Your lavender seedlings will be ready to transplant once they have several leaves per plant. 

Your first year of growth will not be impressive, but by year two, expect to have large, blooming lavender. Starting lavender plants from seed is not difficult, but it does require time, some patience, and a little extra space for your seed trays.

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