Flower Garden: Symbolic Sunflower Meaning

Flower Garden: Symbolic Sunflower Meaning

Posted by Alex B. on 31st Oct 2018

A while ago I bumped into an article on the Web presenting the list of national flowers by countries. I was very happy to find out why particular flowers are important in certain nations and what they represent in their cultures. For example, a sunflower is a national flower of Ukraine.

Now, Ukraine is located at the very east of Europe, thus seeming natural for the Ukrainians to love the sunflower since blooming sunflowers turn towards the east, meaning to the direction of sun rise. My flower garden wouldn’t be the same without these symbolic yellow faces. Keep reading to learn why.


Sunflower Growing Conditions

Most gardeners would say that all sunflowers are the same, but the fact that there are over 150 species of sunflower in the world claims otherwise. This number implicates that there could be some slight differences concerning the matter of growing conditions for each of these sunflower varieties.

Let’s take a look at the sunflower Autumn Beauty for a second. Coming in charming autumn colors, this outstandingly multi-branched variety is my favorite sunflower specie. I like to sow it in light, fertile and well-drained soil, with regular watering.

Did You Know That Sunflower…

…is the symbol of healing, wellness and eternal hope, at least according to yoga and numerology. It also stands for blessing or nourishment having in mind a bunch of seeds to enjoy after a warm, sunny summer.

In summary, this sun worshiper might not be your flower garden’s prince charming like daisies, busy Lizzie or forget-me-not flower, but it certainly is the one responsible for good garden mood.

Expecting to hear from you how you’re dealing with growing sunflowers!


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