9 Best Companion Plants for Growing Healthy Tomatoes

9 Best Companion Plants for Growing Healthy Tomatoes

Posted by Alex B. on 31st Oct 2018

In the post titled 3 best companions for basil plants, you were able to get to know the basics of what companion plants are and how they can benefit to basil’s nutrition values and fragrance. The use of companion plants in gardening is very popular for various reasons from better yields to protective shelter. However, the number one reason for growing companion plants around your veggies and herbs is battle against pests and diseases. The following useful info about the 9 best companion plants for growing healthy tomatoes might increase a number of your smiles when it comes to gardening successes.


1. Basil - Apart from being one of the most delicious herbs in numerous national, ethnic cuisines, basil showed another remarkable quality. Namely, basil unquestionably improves the flavor and growth of tomatoes. Moreover, this useful herb averts the attention of pests from tomatoes.

2. Oregano - is a respected member of Mediterranean group of herbs that are ideal for growing in pots. Dried and fresh oregano leaves are an essential ingredient of super tasty Italian dishes such as pasta and pizza. Oregano repels many insects, like flea beetles and squash borers. It can be grown indoors and outdoors in full sun or dappled shade, with regular watering.

3. Parsley - I assume you didn’t know that chewing parsley is helpful for eliminating bad breath, especially after consuming garlic. This highly aromatic herb is indirectly helpful for tomatoes since it attracts hoverflies, which enjoy eating tomato pests.

4. Carrots - Bugs Bunny’s favorite veggie is definitely among tomato’s most favorite neighbors. Carrot roots help tomatoes to get more water, air and nutrients by breaking up the soil around them. For example, early hybrid carrot variety Kalina H is known for having an exceptionally high amount of carotene, which is beneficial for the eyesight.

5. Marigold – is an annual flower, rich in essential oils. It deters nematodes, tomato worms and slugs from tomatoes. According to my experience, yellow French marigold Valencia has proven to be a great bodyguard for my tomatoes.

6. Borage - This biennial, herbal flower is edible from head to toe. Borage may self-seed from year to year. It attracts beneficial insects and repels harmful ones, like hornworms. Borage is rich in vitamins A and C, and minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

7. Celery - was used in Ancient Greece as a decorative reward for winners of athletic games. Celery is great for repelling worms and other harmful insects. Both leafy celery and root celery add a great flavor and fragrance to meat, fish dishes and soups.

8. Nasturtium - is a beautiful looking annual flower, mainly known as a protector of cabbage. However, more and more gardeners and growers report nasturtium as a very friendly companion plant to tomatoes since they can be used as a trap crop for aphids.

9. Petunias - come in four major groups: grandiflora, hedgiflora, multiflora and miliflora. Wonderful looking petunias are perfect as companion plants because they repel a whole army of pests such as tomato worms, leafhoppers and asparagus beetles.

Make sure your tomatoes find some true friends and let me know how it worked out for them!

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