Morning Glory 'Royal Ensign' (Ipomoea Purpurea) Flower Plant Heirloom, 20 Seeds

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Morning Glory 'Royal Ensign' (Ipomoea Purpurea) Flower Plant Heirloom, 20 Seeds

A rare cobalt blue Morning Glory, these antique flowers were first cultivated in the 17th century to bring extra depth and elegance to a noble’s gardens. With its bright blue trumpet shaped petals and yellow-white centres, these flowers are sure to make a beautiful frontal addition to any gardens or landscapes they are added to.

Planting: Year round in tropical climate; Before planting, file the seeds long enough for the coat to break, and soak them for 24 hours. Sow the seeds early in the season when the ground is approximately 64°F (18°C). As these are annual climbers, they will become a beautiful carpet if there are no frames to cling onto.

Soil: Well-drained, moderately fertile.

Sowing Depth: .25 inches (.6 cm) deep

Spacing: At least 6 inches (15 cm) apart.

Light: Full sun

Watering: Ensure that new seedlings are watered thoroughly, after which water is only required when the soil is dry.

Fertilizing: Apply a balanced fertilizer directly after planting, and every month following. Mulching is optional.

Takes approximately 3 months to fully mature.


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