Mimosa (Mimosa Pudica L.) Flower Heirloom, 40-50 Seeds

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Mimosa (Mimosa Pudica L.) Flower Heirloom, 40-50 Seeds

Lovely perennial flowers that makes a beautiful scenery grown as carpet flowers. Tiny & gentle decorative leaves close from the slightest vibration or sound, making them a great attraction to children. Usually grown in winter gardens, as carpet flowers or in pots as houseplants, since they only reach 30cm (11.8in) tall. Gentle lavender color, fine texture and easy maintenance makes them very popular among gardeners. Loves warm, humid places.

Growing: Year round in tropical climate; in temperate climate, plant the seeds indoors 6-8 weeks prior the last frost date and transplant when the danger of last frost is gone and soil has warmed up. Alternatively, can plant directly outdoors after the danger of last frost has passed.

Soil: light, fertile, well-drained.

Sowing depth: sprinkle the seeds on the soil and lightly cover with extra layer. Mimosa needs darkness to germinate.

Light: partial shade. Keep them away from direct sunshine.

Moisture: moderate. Water when soil is dry to the touch.

Fertilizing: not required.



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