Leek 'Kampus' (Allium Porrum L.) Vegetable Plant Heirloom, 600-640 Seeds

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Leek 'Kampus' (Allium Porrum L.) Vegetable Plant Heirloom, 600-640 Seeds

Late heirloom for autumn harvest. Matures in 150-170 days. Grows to 15-20cm (5.9-7.8in) tall, posses static, dark green leaves and white, firm, very thick stems. Juicy and crisp, wonderfully sweet and full boddied, best for fresh consumption, soups, stews, baking, frying etc. Adds a great touch to every dish. Suitable for long storage.

Growing: Not suitable for tropical climate.

Planting season: early spring, indoors,8-10 weeks prior the last expected spring frost. Transplant the seedlings once the danger of last frost is gone and soil is workable.

Soil: well drained, fertile, rich in organic matter soil.

Sowing depth: 1/2in (1/2cm) deep thinning seedlings to 1in (2.5cm) apart when seedlings reach 3in (7.6cm) tall.

Spacing: plant seedlings 8-10in (20-25cm) apart in a wide row.

Light: full sun.

Watering: request plenty of water throughout the growing season.

Fertilizing: requires steady supply of nitrogen. Feed monthly with organic fertilizer, such as fish emulsion.


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